Building a National Community on Energy Research

The workshop format Science & the Energy Challenge serves as an open platform to build a multidisciplinary community of researchers working on energy in the Netherlands.
  • Grand challenges on energy & climate

    The transition to a fully sustainable energy infrastructure is one of the grand challenges facing us this century. Innovation and scientific breakthroughs on existing and future technologies are essential to foster this transition. Read more

  • Role of scientific research

    In order to drive the transition to sustainable energy, we need to accelerate energy innovation throughout the technology chain. A key enabling factor is scientific research with a focus on fundamental understanding and driven by application. Read more

  • Building a national community on energy research

    Multidisciplinary scientific collaboration and breakthroughs are needed to tackle the energy transition. By building an active network of researchers working on energy we will create a promising soil for future energy solutions.

    Equally important to universities, research institutes and industries, an energy community provides new opportunities to strengthen and extend one’s own research. The workshops strive to:

    • formulate the challenges in energy research in universal and objective manner facilitating a multidisciplinary approach.
    • facilitate knowledge transfer by bridging between universities, research and technological institutes, and technology stakeholders.
    • form an national community working on energy research by bringing the various scientific expertise and disciplines together.
Science & the Energy Challenge is facilitated by FOM and DIFFER