The goal of the workshops is to contribute to the formation of an active community on energy research. The intention is to give each of the workshops a relevant outcome, such as preparation of a white paper for new research programs, a kick-off event of national programs or defining use-inspired research questions in close collaboration with SMEs, industry and other stake-holders.

Within the diverse field of energy, relevant topics for the workshop are investigated with the aim to focus and strengthen the efforts in energy research of the Netherlands.  Besides bringing researchers together, also the intention is to cross-link stakeholders working at different stages of the innovation chain to define where science can contribute.

Do you have plans to organize an energy workshop in your field of expertise, which you would like to align with this workshop format?
Please feel invited to contact Erik Langereis (DIFFER) for more information and to discuss and collaborate in expanding the national energy community.






Science & the Energy Challenge is facilitated by FOM and DIFFER