Science & the Energy Challenge

The workshop format Science & the Energy Challenge serves as an open platform to build a multidisciplinary community of researchers working on energy in the Netherlands.
  • Grand challenges on energy & climate

    The transition to a fully sustainable energy infrastructure is one of the grand challenges facing us this century. Innovation and scientific breakthroughs on existing and future technologies are essential to foster this transition.

  • Role of scientific research

    In order to drive the transition to sustainable energy, we need to accelerate energy innovation throughout the technology chain. A key enabling factor is scientific research with a focus on fundamental understanding and driven by application.

  • Building a national community on energy research

    Multidisciplinary scientific collaboration and breakthroughs are needed to tackle the energy transition. By building an active network of researchers working on energy we will create a promising soil for future energy solutions. 

Science & the Energy Challenge is facilitated by FOM and DIFFER